You're Invited to BLOOM
Celebrating Canadian Event Success

The most coveted night in the Canadian event industry is happening May 3 at the beautiful La Primavera Event Centre.

The theme of BLOOM perfectly encapsulates the resilience and beauty of the event industry, as it comes back to life after a period of uncertainty and challenge. Just as a flower pushes through the earth and blooms in all its glory after a harsh winter, the event industry is showing its strength and vitality, in full bloom once again. This theme represents a new beginning, as we move forward into a brighter future. It is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always the potential for growth and beauty, and that we should never lose faith in the power of human resilience. So let us celebrate the reemergence of the event industry and embrace the theme of BLOOM, as we look forward to a new chapter filled with joy, creativity, and endless possibility.

The Details

6:00 PM 

Nominee’s Reception & Pink Carpet Photos 
Sponsored by Quebec City Business Destination

7:00 PM

Canadian Event Awards Ceremony
& Gala  Dinner

9:30 PM

Nightcap on the Terrace

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Special thanks to Scott McCallister &
the students of Seneca College

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