Andrew Zimbel

Andrew Zimbel

Higgins Event Rentals a division of Chair-man Mills Corp

National Director Special Projects

Andrew Zimbel, a distinguished veteran with over four decades of experience in the hospitality and event planning sector, currently serves as the National Director of Special Projects for Chair-man Mills Corporation. Throughout his illustrious career, Andrew has held diverse roles ranging from caterer to event planner to venue manager, culminating in his recent position as Director of Sales and Marketing at Higgins Event Rentals. Renowned for his unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional events, Andrew prioritizes guest experience and vendor profitability.

Andrew’s expertise lies in developing streamlined systems for event sales, design, and execution, ensuring seamless experiences for hosts and guests while maintaining financial viability for all stakeholders involved. Notably, during his tenure at Higgins Event Rentals, he played a pivotal role in tripling the company’s revenue through strategic mentorship and support.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Andrew indulges in his passions for cooking, photography, and writing, often sharing his culinary creations and visual storytelling with friends and family. As the National Director of Special Projects for Chair-man Mills Corporation, Andrew spearheads new initiatives and drives the company’s expansion within the national events market.