Follow These Steps 

  1. Follow the guidelines on the Rules & Guidelines page.
  2. Prepare all your event materials.
  3. Make sure you have everything you need including images and/or videos, pdf or word doc., reference letters etc. 
  4. Click on the entry portal and fill in the entry form. 
  5. Upload your files
  6. Submit your entry
  7. Fees: $85 per entrant listed on your entry. So if you have three companies listed the fee is $85 x3. 
  8. Make your payment (make sure you calculate properly the amount owing based on how many entrants you are listing)
  9. Winners will be announced online and via email
  10. Winner  will be contacted for further comment and interviews
  11. Winners will be entered without the requirement to re-entering or paying for the nationals IF the category is available and equal in the nationals. If you do not win you MAY enter the nationals and are encouraged to do so as you will compete with a new set of entrants. 
  12. A post-event “look book” will be released nationwide featuring the winners and winning entries will have the opportunity to be featured in an upcoming issue of Canadian Special Events Magazine.

All regional winners receive an official WINNER badge and will be featured in photo editorials on Canadian Special Event’s websites and in CSE Magazines. A framed certificate of excellence will be mailed out. 



The Canadian Event Industry Awards is one the most rigorous and challenging award competitions in the world for event professionals. The judging is now a 4-stage process including pre-screening to eliminate non-qualified entries, a first-round analysis to determine shortlists, an in-depth evaluation where the entry is critically examined in detail for its caliber and merit and then, a final judging to select the winners. To win a CEIA is an absolute true measure of excellence.

Canadian Event Industry Awards Adjudicators  represent a diverse cross-section of our industry’s top experts and offer a breadth of knowledge on the critical elements that are needed to create successful events


View the Regional Awards Program Categories

The portal opens September 2018.