Jian Magen

Jian Magen

The Magen Group


Jian Magen is a veteran entrepreneur and leading figure in event production and entertainment. Co-founding The Magen Group alongside his twin brother Page, Jian has steered the company’s evolution into a comprehensive media enterprise with over 100 dedicated team members. Over the past two decades, Jian has orchestrated numerous large-scale corporate and private events while expanding his business interests, including event venues, a music agency, and digital activation ventures. His foray into film production, video game development, and Esports reflects his innovative spirit.

A fervent enthusiast of pro wrestling, Jian and Page have produced acclaimed documentaries like “The Sheik” (2014), featuring wrestling icons such as The Iron Sheik, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Hulk Hogan, earning recognition as one of the genre’s finest works.

Driven by a tireless commitment to humanitarian causes, Jian organizes the annual Grads Go Global event, benefiting a Tanzanian orphanage they played a pivotal role in establishing. Regardless of the undertaking, Jian’s dedication to hard work, integrity, and fostering unity has firmly established The Magen Group as a premier entity in North America’s entertainment landscape.