You have arrived at the entry portal for the 2021 Canadian Event Awards. 

Follow These Steps to Enter. 

1. Register Below.  Fill in your contact details and please make sure your email is typed in correctly. 

2. Choose Your Categories. Choose all the categories you wish to enter using the form below and be sure to add one selection for every JOINT entrant you want to be listed on your entry. 

3. Submit Payment: Once you have completed the form, chosen your categories and added any joint entries, go ahead and submit your payment. You will immediately receive an email with the link to your unique entry portal and a personal PIN. You will use this PIN to access your portal and submit your entires. All your chosen categories will be linked and listed in this portal for you to complete. 

4. Add Your Entries: You can fill in, edit and submit entries during the active entry submission period. Once the deadline has closed, your link will no longer work, and you cannot edit any longer. You can go back and edit until the deadline. 

FOR JOINT ENTRIES: When choosing your categories from the category list, please choose the item ” ADD Joint Entry” to your order. Add one for every extra entrant on your application. So, if you have yourself plus two others, choose 2 joint entries. 

Once you get your PIN and are in your unique portal, you will “assign” your joint entrants to the correct category. 

Good Luck. If you get stuck, chat with us using the bot on the bottom right or email